Ayurvedic Therapist
Nicole is a certified Ayurveda therapist – student of the Ayurveda institute very own Dr. Sree Rao (Ayurveda teacher at the university of Udupi and researcher in the field ) and Dr. Nayana Rao ( yoga therapist and Ayurveda physician and consultant). Nicole has been drawn to the holistic field since her young age, being active in the alternative music scene in Lebanon since 2008 she has introduced her community to the benefits of yoga, reiki, and energy healing. In November 2017, Nicole took a first steps into what she knows is her calling and went to get trained and certified at the heart of the Ayurveda land ‘’Mama India’’. Since her return back to Beirut, she has been offering her services to patients who suffer regular/chronic pain and moderate causes such as blood circulation pb, nervous system imbalance, depression … etc The Ayurveda philosophy approaches the human as a whole so expect to be taken care of body and mind when you book your first session. What differentiate the Ayurveda massage and the deep tissue/ conventional massages are: -The oils used (medical/essential anti-inflammatory and pain relief) -The therapist knowledge/ know-how. -The purpose of an Ayurveda therapy is to help prevent more ailments in the body and treat the cause of the current imbalances.